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DJMA Architects Limited can provide tailored advice at any or all stages of a design project (see below). Fees depend on the level of service required, but we always provide upfront cost advice to clients to allow sensible budgeting. Daniel Metcalfe, director at DJMA, believes that employing an architect adds value to the end result, and we are equally comfortable working on behalf of the prospective homeowner or collaboratively with builders, developers and other professionals.

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The brief, concept design and master-planning
Planning permission

When you begin any project, it is important to take the right advice.  Professional designers like architects will be able to guide you, based on a wealth of experience and knowledge, in matters such as planning legislation, cost control, and your needs and wants (the 'brief'). Creating a good brief with our clients is key to us understanding what you need and how to deliver that. We like to interrogate pre-conceived ideas, review possible options and consider alternatives before we commit to moving to the next stage. This helps clients understand what is possible, what it will cost and how it can be delivered.  We often say that a bad architect will give you a design you don't want, a good architect will give you what you wanted, and a great architect will give you a design beyond your expectations!  We aim to achieve the latter on all jobs from modest extensions to multi- £million development sites.

After reviewing the site’s opportunities and constraints and considering the brief with our client, the next step is gaining planning consent. DJMA Ltd are specialists in planning legislation and our approach has helped many clients secure complex permissions on tricky sites.  Knowledge and a careful approach are critical in this and our director Daniel Metcalfe has over 20 years’ experience dealing with local authority planning departments in some of the country’s most sensitive Conservation Areas, AONB’s and listed sites. He assists a local design review panel as a local heritage expert and provides advice to several local charitable groups on planning and building matters. 

Developed design 

After a successful planning consent, the next statutory obligation is building regulations approval. This can be achieved in many ways, but an architect can help you pull together the various aspects, from structural engineering, mechanical & electrical design, to fire escape, etc. This stage of work requires a good understanding of the laws governing building safety and an eye for detail. 

Tender and on site stages

Tender stage is when contractors become involved and this refers to the process of agreeing a price with a builder. There are various ways to create a contract but DJMA limited can support clients in this to ensure that health & safety practices are observed, the design is followed and good value for money is achieved in the result.  

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